William J Shaw Sr.

(Apr 26, 1914 to Jul 18, 2011)

Obit for William J Shaw Sr.rnrnHis great love was country music. He thought the performers were fan friendly and patriotic. He was backstage at many a concert and among the stars he met was Darryl Worley. John Rich even once sang a song to him about his service in the Navy. A member of the greatest generation, he served during WWII in Okinawa. His ability to tell a great story sucked people in: he made friends easily and his friendships lasted a lifetime. His earlier years found him working at South Jersey Metal in Deptford. Willie from Philly never gave up on the Flyers or the Phils.rnBill was married for 69 years to “the greatest woman who ever lived“, the late Flora. Their marriage was blessed by their son, William (Linda), grandchildren: Debbie Atkins and William IV, and four great grandchildren: Amanda, Zack, Zane and Alyssa. He is also survived by his sister, Leona “Sissy” Allen and his dog, Penny.rnCome celebrate 97 country years Thursday from 10:30 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where there will be a service at 11:30. Interment Woodbury Memorial Park. Donations to woundedwarriorproject.org will be appreciated.rn

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  1. debbie atkins

    I have been the proudest grandaughter to have a POP who has Always been there for me. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to have had him in my life and my childrens life for so long.. My pop has taught me many things..He was proud of his,WIFE,LIFE,and FAMILY.. He loved us all..I will so miss his stories about The good ole days..I will miss Tailgating before a Country music Concert..He was a strong amazing Man..I will miss him but i thank him for all the great memories he has left for me to smile about..oxxon

  2. Laurie Collins

    I only saw Mr. Shaw from behind as he was shaking Darryl Worley?s hand at a meet and greet before a concert last year, and when Darryl announced from stage that he had had the honor of shaking the hand of a 96-year-old WWII veteran, I still remember how loudly the crowd cheered. That had to have made Mr. Shaw feel really good, to know that his service was appreciated by so many. rnrnI was hoping to meet Mr. Shaw face to face when I took my golden retriever Tori up to see him on a therapy visit, but unfortunately he went into the hospital for the last time just a few days before that visit was scheduled to take place. I will always regret that I didn?t think to offer to take her up there sooner. rnrnMr. Shaw?s son Bill and I started chatting online after the Darryl Worley concert, and even if I hadn?t been able to tell how special a man Mr. Shaw was after seeing him at the concert, there would have been no doubt how special he was when I heard (read) what Bill had to say about his dad. I know the relationship they had was extra special. rnrnMr. Shaw had a good, long life, and those who knew him were truly blessed to have had him in their lives for so long. But I know for those who are left behind, it?s never long enough. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew and loved Mr. Shaw. A hero is now at peace. Until you meet again ?rn

  3. Nancy Young

    I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Shaw but I have so much respect for him and other WWII veterans. My Dad served in Okinawa during the war and two of my brothers served in Vietnam. My condolences to Mr. Shaw’s family and my thanks to him for fighting to keep us free. May he Rest in Peace.

  4. Ryan Beattie

    Though I only met and got to know him over three days while he was bed stricken by his illness, pop has somehow gotten under my skin and touched my heart ( like I’m sure he has to alot of others ). He blindsided me with how strong and firm he shook my hand, and by the words ” So your the great guy, that fixes all the cars that I heard alot about.” . Not only was he physically strong. But from what I had heard, and observed, he was very strong willed. He tried so hard to get the damn cranberry juice from the nurse! We talked about cars and fixing his SUV because apparrently his 1927 model A got better gas mileage! And we talked about how gas was so expensive and a little about what life was like spread out over 97 years. He was so determined to fix his SUV that we got into a small argument about him being a Ford guy and me being a Chevy guy. He told me how happy he was that his great grand daughter had a good guy and that it’s my job to make her happy. I stood by his side and held his hand while as he passed and told him we would talk more someday real soon, I promise. nn I don’t know how he got to me in such a short time but I’m glad I had the expierience that I had with him while I knew him. n I love you Pop and I know your not in pain anymore, but I wanted to let you know that it really hurts that we had the expierience we had for three days and then losing that person. nnRest in peace old friend, you are already missed.nnSincerely,n Ryan

  5. Andy Krall

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I remember Mr. Shaw growing up in Woodbury Gardens. He was a kind and gentle man. He used to work part time at the Drive In Movie. Also I remember Mr. Shaw driving a black Volkswagon Beetle. His son Billy and I were best friends back in the day. Billy and I lost touch over the years but are now back in touch. rnGod Bless, may he rest in peace.rnAndy

  6. Mary D'Amico

    My family and I never got the chance to meet Mr.Shaw but we all heard very nice things about him from his son Billy. He always was talking about how much he loved his Dad and enjoyed doing lots of thing with him. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family.

  7. Linda & Duncan Lawrie

    Though we did not know Mr Shaw, we must thank him for his service to Americans in WWII. My (Linda) father served in WWII and we appreciate all our veterans, WWII and all.n

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