Scott M Mullen

(Feb 6, 1973 to Apr 13, 2010)

Scott M. Mullenrnrn“Men don’t care what’s on TV, they only care what else is on TV” – Jerry Seinfeld. Once Scott found an episode of Seinfeld he could put the remote down. From the “Soup Nazi” to the “Summer of George”, he could quote every episode. It simply matched his humor. But he was by no means a couch potato. His sporting accomplishments spoke for themselves. His high school days saw him playing basketball and football, even being awarded the Harry Harkins Award as Riverside’s tight end. Even recently he was still running marathons. A true 49rs fan, he rooted for them even though they were not the local team in his homes of Riverside, College Park, MD or Los Angeles. And although he usually tried to coincide his vacation time with the NCAA March Madness, his adventurous tendencies saw him backpack through Ireland, travel Paris and London, zip line in Costa Rica and even skydive in California. rnScott is survived by his parents: Larry Mullen, Sr. of Riverside and Joyce Horton (Richard) of Riverside, is the brother of Larry, Jr. (Gina Morales), as well as Michelle Monahan (Scott Stanley) and Melissa Monahan, all of Riverside. He is the nephew of George and June Williams of Cinnaminson, the uncle of Larry Mullen III, Morgan Blake and Alexis Berg, and had always been close with his grandmother, the late Dorothy E. “Nana” Mullen. Years of good times will always be remembered by his best friend, Alan Margerum. From the days of elementary school, to when Scott became godfather of Alan’s daughter, Samantha, they were inseparable friends. rnCome celebrate 37 wonderful years (2/6/1973-4/13/2010) Saturday from 10 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, where the service will be at Noon. Interment Lakeview Memorial Park. Scott loved sports more than flowers, so please send memorial donations to UMCP foundation, Comcast Center, Terrapin Trail, College Park, MD 20742. Come share a memory of Scott at

22 thoughts on “Scott M Mullen

  1. Lorraine Hatcher

    Scottie took 10 yrs off my life one day. The girls were napping and the boys were out front racing up & down the street on their bikes. I kept going out on the porch telling him to be careful of cars. What does he do, goes straight out into the intersection and gets hit by a car!!! Thank God he wasnt hurt, but the scare he had put into me! Then having to call Joyce at work and tell her what had just happened. He will always be in my heart for coming back as an adult and visiting with me one day. rnMy deepest condolences to everyone in the family.

  2. Tina Zoll-Williamson

    Scottie was one of the funniest, most outgoing “little” boy I EVER babysat for. Scott loved everything from helping me babysit his sisters when they were little, to trying to find out why things worked the way they did (taking his toys apart and trying to reassemble them). Even when I babysat, Lorraine was ALWAYS nearby, so I used to tell him, if you’re not good Scotty i’m going to get Lorraine. I will always have the AWESOME memories and even though my heart is heavy, I can smile and think of what a wonderful person in my life you were. May you rest in PEACE now. My deepest condolences to everyone.

  3. Mary Taylor

    Scottie….I loved you since the day you were born…you were so cute..I remember Scott asking me to get him a job at the age of 16…he wanted to work and make I got him a part time job at Western Union and drove him to work…Scott soooo sorry I could not be there for you….love Aunt Ya

  4. Grant Miles

    From the first day Scott arrived at BofA in Los Angeles, he became a quick friend. Always giving me a hard time for being a Tarheel, his passion for the Terrapins never waivered no matter what sport we were watching. It’s with a heavy heart that we send our deepest condolences to his family from his extended family who loved him dearly in Los Angeles. With love and great memories, Grant

  5. Sanjay Chugani

    Mr. Vindaloo…Scott had the movie Wedding Crashers memorized down to every line. I was Sanjay Collins, he was Chuck Vindaloo. You were a great friend, and I will always remember the Niner games we went to, along with our frequent Vegas trips and (not so frequent) trips around the Country. Scott, may you rest in Peace and in Eternal Happiness and to everyone out there, as Scott would say, Fear the Turtle! We love you brother…

  6. Edward Lee

    Another favorite show of Scott’s was Ren & Stimpy, and he would still throw out a few lines during our conversations. Scott followed college basketball religiously, and that’s why I only beat him once in all the times we bet on who could get more correct picks in the NCAA Tournament. I still owe you dinner, my friend. The next time I see you, it’s on me.

  7. Catherine A. Campos

    I hope you’re kicking plenty of footballs now, you would always tease and call me “Lucy”, claiming that I was going to set you up to somersault and kick the wind! My all-time favorite tie that you used to wear was your blue & gold stripped tie that reminded me of my UCLA Bruins :) LA West will always remember your fashionable burgundy suit, mustache and shiny white shoes that you wore on Halloween 2006 dressed as Ron Burgundy the Anchorman!! You will be proud, I’ve gotten the hang of my Harley, I will think of you when I go ridding. Eternal Blessing to you & may you rest in Peace, “Lucy”

  8. Kam Rouhi

    Mr. Tough Guy I will never forget the day I met you. You were interveiwing me for the position of premier. I was telling how I couldn’t wait to not be a manager and not work for someone anymore and she walked up behind us! How we laughed!! Scotty anytime I had a question you were there with an answer. How you loved to bust my chops! May you rest in peace brother!!

  9. Jay & Jo Wang

    Kevin introduced us, so we knew you were a good guy, and a hard core Terps fan! As we struggle with losing you, we gain in the friendships you have provided! Rest in peace, love surrounds you. I hope everyone who really knew Scott..AKA Montana appreciates the time they had with him.nLife can be short, Embrace his choice; though we may not agree or ever understand. I think he’d like us to learn from this maybe????n

  10. Jeff and Jean Johnson

    Montana we will miss you. Sports and pinochle won’t be quite the same for Jeff. I’ll always remember the overnight drive to Florida for the Orange Bowl, not to mention countless other memories. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by this tragic loss.

  11. Debra Phillips

    Michelle so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. My deepest sympathy go out to your family. God bless you. Debbie Phillips



  13. Noelle Karla Lewis

    Scottie, Scott M, Mr. Mullen depending on what the exclamation was for. I was your manager for so long and we had so much trust–you had the misfortune to get the office next to me bcuz you never blabbed :) . Always truthful with me even if it hurt; you helped me be a better person; quick to laugh at our ridiculous marathon photos and check our finish time. I have all the running T shirts you gave me and gifts. I remember how you put up with ?chatty Noelle?; at work; that trip back from Vegas last year and having drinks with you last September.. all are like yesterday. I?ve said so many prayers for your spirit and family the last few days you are probably annoyed–this is payback for your endless laughing at my loud protestant churchgoing. I don?t know if they have something like Halloween or dress up in heaven but your costumes got more spectacular every year after the first one where you dressed like a ‘Banker’. I know they will enjoy them up there. RIP Scottie I will miss you dearly.

  14. Moira MacLeod-Foster

    Scott,rnWill always think of your smiling face and how much you would tease me about my bruins and how your Terps were always going to trounce them.your good houmour and thoughtfulness. you will always be in my heart

  15. Jamme Stefko

    Scott you and I were such great friends. You really made my college years so full of memories. I will never forget our late night swings or Tuesday nights at the Fe. You were always my protector. Always there to put a smile on my face….make me laugh when I wanted to cry. Run Forrest Run!!! You are free!! I will miss you always, but my memories will last in my heart…thanks for being in my life you made it better by being a part of it!

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