Patricia Frances Burris

(Jan 24, 1937 to Mar 28, 2011)

Mother of four and grandmother of eleven, Pat’s home was never complete without her family. Extremely generous, especially with her grandchildren, one of whom remembers being paid to wash her already clean windows. Always the doting Grammy, she knew all of their accomplishments. Whenever any of them were recognized in the newspaper, she knew about it before they did. She also knew about everything happening in her community and never missed a day’s paper. Keeping two radio scanners running, she stayed informed of what was happening near her home in Shamong, and “Grammy Doppler” constantly knew tomorrow’s weather. rnPat loved to socialize, and whether it was filling her home for a buffet at Christmas Eve, or evenings spent at the Moose Lodge in Riverside, she never hid from a crowd. rn In the early 1950s Pat met a young soldier named Bill at a local dance. Within a year they would begin their 56-year marriage. Their lives were blessed by children: William (Linda) of Moorestown, Nancy DeAngelis (Libero) of Shamong, Scott of Marlton and Daniel of Shamong, and again by their grandchildren: William III, Tracy, Johnny, Amy, Kristin, Patty, Kellie, Alexandra, Michael, Zachary and Devon. She is the sister of Fred Williams (Norma) of NM, Ronald Williams (Patricia) of PA, Eleanor Fuhs (William) of Cinnaminson, Gerald Williams (Barbara Welsh) of Delran, Linda Therrien (Girard) of FL, and Lorraine Angelo (John) of NH. rn Come celebrate Pat’s 74 wonderful years (Jan. 24, 1937-Mar. 28, 2011) Friday April 1, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside. A Catholic Funeral Mass will follow at Noon at St. Peter’s Church, Riverside. Internment private. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to the Virtua Health Foundation, 401 Route 73 North, Suite 301, Marlton, NJ 08053.rn

24 thoughts on “Patricia Frances Burris

  1. Peg Chila

    The Angles are the blessed know .n Dan I am so sorry for your loss ,Please know your MOM is looking down with smiles with love hug and warmth to you .n She will be missed . Keep her close to your heart always .Sing to her you do that so well . Keep her near to you my friend .. God Bless nPeg Chila

  2. Susan Herb

    I was blessed to be part of Grammy’s family for several years. She was a wonderful person and I loved just sitting chatting with her on the sun porch and looking out at the deer in the yard with her or sitting on the porch at the shore saying hi to everyone that walked by. Although I am not blood related she always treated my son as one of her very own grandchildren and he even calls her “Grammy.”rnrnYou will be terribly missed!! Love you!!rnrnSue

  3. Cindy Burris

    I am so glad that me, Amanda and Kellie came to visit her after the holidays and got to spend time with her and Pop-Pop. She will always be in my heart and the one thing that will always be with me is her recipe for potato salad. Mine never came out good until she gave me her recipe for it. You will be deeply missed and I love you! Cindy

  4. Susan Jones

    Burris and Williams Families:rnPat was my mother in law for a brief time, but my friend for over 30 years. She had a gentle guiding hand and never failed to show her love.rnShe has a very special place in my heart. Pat you will be deeply missed.rnMy condolences to the families.rnSincerelyrnSue Jones

  5. kristin burris

    Grammy,nI love you. I have so many memories with you which is what I look back on to keep my head up through this. I miss the house in sea isle but what I miss the most is sitting with you on your favorite bench listening to your radio. Just sitting there enjoying the warm summer breeze while you rub my back(which you were the best at). I miss beating you and patty in rummy as well as marbles. Im really going to miss your cakes, No one can ever make a cake like you can. There wont be a day that passes by when you wont cross my mind, you will forever be in my heart. Today, tomorrow, always. I will always have the image in my mind of your big smile through the kitchen window waving as I pull in or out of the driveway. I love you Grammy forever and everrr<3

  6. Bob Behnke

    I will always cherish those days in Sea Isle sharing the times with you and Bill. Remembering those early mornings that you always had the coffee ready for boys so we could head out fishing as well as you and mom meeting us when we came back in. God Bless you Pat, you will be missed by all!

  7. Dotti & RonTaylor

    Of course growing up with Lorraine(her sister) and Billy(her son) I knew Pat like an “aunt” … We especially had good times when they lived in Riverside. I can’t help but remember the surprised look on Pat’s face when I showed up for her 50th birthday…you see Lorraine decided to surprise Pat and I was her “date”. She was such a sweet, kind person and I never remember her getting crazy even with her kids always having kids at the house. My husband Ron grew up knowing Pat all his life – his mom(Hope) and Pat spent every Monday night together for years along with the other girls in the “club”. We will miss you Pat!!

  8. Donald Dreby

    We are so sorry for your loss. I will always remember Pat laughing and enjoying the good times we had when we were at her house and at my In-laws with her and Bill.nWill alway remember talking to her everyday when I worked for Bill.nDon and Diane Drebyn

  9. scott burris

    GOD BLESS MY MOTHER.All she ever wanted to do was the right thing and help her family. May she rest in peace. nWe all had the opportunity to tell her how much she was loved and I am grateful

  10. Johnny

    Grammy’s great, she makes us chocolate cake! Grammy never hid her opinion on anything. My guess is when I turned a certain age, she gave up critiquing my appearance and chalked it up to me walking to my own beat. She always said my sideburns made me look Mexican. She said I constantly drove down the driveway to fast, my shirts were wrinkled, my hair was a mess, always on the go. I will miss waving. I will miss my half hour visits when only needing eggs. I will miss her after her nightly matini. I will miss the love she has always shown him her own very special Grammy way.

  11. Tracey Brewer-Coffey

    My heart reaches out to the Burris family. Although we grieve when love ones are gone, remember that they are now watching over you with a smile. Watching, loving and waiting until the day you are again reunited..

  12. Joanne Barnes-Brown

    Dearest Burris Family,rnMy sincerest sympathies go to each of you. I was Billy Mitchell’s girlfriend in the 80′s, played softball with Nancy in Jr High, and cleaned house for Mr and Mrs. burris. Mrs. Burris was a true example of class, dignity and kindness. She deeply loved each and every one of you. Regards and God Bless you All, Joanne Brown

  13. michael burris

    Grammy i’ll always love you. You always seemed to know everything that’s goin on around you. I always loved talking to you about what’s going on with everyone and playing rummy with you. I’ll miss you for ever. :)

  14. Maria Lascheid

    My 3 children grew up knowing Grammy and had such a fond, affectionate relationship with her and PopPop, their third set of grandparents. Whenever we visited Uncle Lib and Aunt Nancy, Angela, Vincent , and Christina would never leave without going next door to say hello. She was always so kind and caring and interested in whatever was currently happening in their lives. nThe last time I saw Grammy, Vincent and I sat with her and watched the deer in the backyard. nI wish her family peace.

  15. Daniel J. Burris

    Mom, missing you more and more as each day passes!! You will be in my thoughts every day as I try to move forward with the life that you wanted me to have, and I’ll keep striving for the things that you have taught me were important. Love you!!!!!

  16. Johnny and Amy

    Egg hunts, power wheels, the kiddie pool, crossword puzzles, college care packages, jeopardy, phillies games, scooter, sea isle, annoying blow horn, marbles, Jupiter Florida (breaking rules), Frankie valli in the black caddy, pearl the mini van, asteroid, birdfeeders, Bucky, carrot, boost (yuk), spam, Grammys paddle (Alexandra knows it well) Billy are you in there?, Grammys chair, police scanners, puzzles, cardinals, lifetime supply of the same wrapping paper, bambi, cake, cake, cake, puerto Rico, Grammys bling, the trentonian, love

  17. Edie Cobleigh Santos

    The first time I met Pat she immediately made me feel comfortable. Pat will always hold a special place in my heart. She was a special lady, one whom I’d admired. She was an awesome mother,grammy,wife and homemaker. Her home was so welcoming and warm. Pat loved her family more than anything. I worked for her and Bill for many years and enjoyed our friendship. She would treat me like one of her kids. She praised me and she also gave me helpful advice because she cared. I will never forget our many chats. Over the years I often thought back and would remember things she shared with me and I would use her advice as I raised up my children. She loved her kids unconditionally. When she would winter in Florida she would hug me goodbye and say I’ll see you when the daffodils come up. Pat will be missed by all who loved her but she will be remembered for her kindness. May she rest in peace and God Bless her family.

  18. Lorraine

    God Bless the Burris/Deangelis family. What a remarkable woman you were blessed to call Mom and Grammy. Beth and myself always enjoyed our monthly visit to her home. She loved you all immensely. So proud of all of you.. “Those we have laughed with,learned from, leaned on,and loved most leave us the best memories”.With sympathy Lorraine and Beth

  19. Doris Scott

    Happilly for me, over the years, I have never missed calling her on St Patricks day, and this year was norndifferent. We had always spent it togetherrnrn rnrnrnrnrn

  20. Joan Wilson Fell

    I was Bill Jr’s girlfriend in the early 1970′s. Pat was a huge influence on my learning to cook “Italian Food” people still ask for my recipes but he are actually Pat’s recipes. I have so many fond memories the Burris family in their Riverton, NJ house. She was a vibrant loving lady. I know all of her family have may wonderful memories to treasure.

  21. Alexandra

    Grammy there hasn’t been a day that gos by that i don’t think about you. I’m going to miss being at your house and sitting with you at your round table in the corner talking about all of the latest family gossip. You always somehow managed to know I was in the newspaper for sports before I did. Nothing made me happier then receiving your phone calls every week telling me how proud you were. You were the best Grammy any grandchild could ask for. I mean yeah sure I got to know “Grammy’s Paddle” pretty well but thats something that will add to my memories I have about you. I can tell you for sure I’m missing that yellow cake, watching the deer out the window, and being welcomed with your warm hugs. I know pop is having a rough time, but don’t worry I’ll take care of him just as you would want me to. I miss you Grammy, and I know you’re watching all of my lacrosse games, and running right by my side on the field. I love you and I always will.nLove Alexandra

  22. Anonymous

    Grammy, really missing you<3 I know you were with us last friday because a red cardinal came and landed in the tree and started to sing. Every time I see one I think of you..

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