Patricia Bujanowski (nee Kilroy)

(February 20, 1943 - December 24, 2013)

According to Coco Chanel a woman should be both classy and fabulous; Patricia was both. She had a beauty that radiated not just from her appearance but from her being. She seldom left the house looking anything less than proper, but she didn’t need to rely on cosmetics for her it was simply natural. This was only magnified by her generous nature; if she found out you liked something that belonged to her, chances are it would become yours. It was rare for her to have a bad day, but even when she did it was never apparent. At her home in Riverside, there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place. While she could be found continuously cleaning and ironing, it was less about a meticulous need for orderliness than a reflection of her love of family. They were the center of her world and she could never do enough to make sure their home was perfect.
One Christmas Eve, Patricia was followed under the mistletoe by a young man named John. It wouldn’t be long until they would begin their 51 years of marriage. Together, their lives were blessed by their children: Debbie Santos (Richard) of Maryland, Donna Brookover (David) of Virginia and John “Jack” (Wendy) of Edgewater Park and again by their 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Patricia is also survived by her mother, Dorothy Kilroy of Philadelphia, her brother, 3 sisters, 2 half-sisters and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her father, Francis “Bucko” Kilroy and two brothers.
Come celebrate Patricia’s 70 wonderful years (Feb. 20, 1943-Dec. 24, 2013) Saturday from 4 PM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside, where the service will be at 7 PM. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to the Little Flower High School 1000 West Lycoming Str., Phila., PA 19140-2107.

15 thoughts on “Patricia Bujanowski (nee Kilroy)

  1. (Maria) Laina Yanni Hill

    Patricia is the first person I would ever think of as an example of easy going, kind and compassionate. She was a positive role model for me as a child and through my adulthood. My god-sister and chosen family, I think of the song “Easy Quiet” as an example of what you brought to your family, friends and all who knew you. I along with them thank you and send you to the Angels with much Love, into the LIGHT of eternal peace. Love you, Maria Laina <3

  2. Kim Williamson

    Pat was an unfailingly gracious and incredibly stoic soul. We shall always remember our cousin’s gentle spirit and kind ways. Aunt Irene and Uncle Jimmy loved her so much; Pat always made them feel so welcome. Our deepest sympathy to her beloved family.

  3. Betty & Walt Powers (next door neighbors)

    Pat you were my wonderful next door neighbor. We weathered about 35 years through kids’ highschooll events, marriages births and deaths and just living peacefully next door to each other. We met many times on our back porches doing our garbage or what-ever. We were not ones to run in and out of each others house but we were always close in spirit. I was always happy knowing you were there.

    I will never look the same at my tiger lillies that you gave me as bulbs, many years ago. I will get a lump in my throat and think of you. Walt and I will miss you dear neighbor. My special needs granddaughter, Nikki will miss you too. Nikki enjoyed coming over and sitting on your stoop with you. You were always very kind to Nikki. Rest in peace dear Pat.

  4. Danielle Brookover

    To my dearest Grandma Pat,

    I miss you so much. You were always so gracious and welcoming to us whenever we visited, and visits up to New Jersey will never be the same. You were so quick to give us a new pair of shoes or something from your closet if it reminded you of us. Your compassion and love for your family will never be forgotten. I will miss sitting in your kitchen, enjoying cups of tea with you and my mom, and shopping trips with us girls. I love you Grandma, may you rest in peace.

  5. Jack Bujanowski, Jr

    It hard to express in words how much we all love you. My only comfort right now is that I know you were such a kind, loving, unselfish human being. Your strength, determination, and love for life is what keeps me at peace that you are in a better place. I really didn’t think this day would come, but you were a wonderful mother and parent. I am bless to have the parents that I have.
    Love Always, Your Little Boy, Jack



  7. J. Pierre

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family John. I express my deepest condolences and I can’t imagine the sadness you must be feeling from your loss. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead.

  8. barbara johnson

    I met pat a few times in the last 20 yrs because I worked with her daughter donna for a long time…she was the nicest, beautiful person I can still see her..donna looks like her mom so much….RIP MRS BUJANOWSKI….GOD BLESS BARBARA JOHNSON AND FAMILY

  9. Debbie Santos

    You gave us strength, you made us believe in ourselves, you supported us in all decisions we made whether you agreed with them or not. You wanted happiness, health, and success for all of us. We (your children) accomplished these goals because of your strong sense of family, your good heart, and the love that you shared with us everyday that you were with us. We have missed you every minute that you have been gone and we will continue to do so for as long as we live here on earth. We will share the good things that you have taught us with others. As you look down upon us we will know throughout our lives that we will have you behind us saying, “Go ahead you can do it!”. Or, after we complete another task we have set our minds to we will hear you say, “I knew you could do it!”. I love you, I miss you, I will tell your story to the little ones who come along in the future and they will know who Grandmom (grandma) Pat was. How she helped to create who they are and why they are strong, loving, and successful.

    With all my heart,


  10. Dana Brookover

    I am working on a family history project for school and it was hard to realize I could not pick up the phone and call my Grandma Pat. It was even harder not to call her this year on her birthday. Luckily, we all have the memories of her, and we can pray and know she hears us. We still all love and miss you Grandma.

  11. John F. Bujanowski

    Today I came to visit, such a wonderful day outside. I know it’s a day that you would had enjoyed. I know it’s a day in Heaven in which you are with all the people who you had known and are enjoying the moment with all of them. The angels singing , and the most beautiful place that noone on earth could imagine. I know that you are watching over all of your loved ones. We love you and miss you . Jack Jr.

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