Norman Locke

(Sep 24, 1922 to Apr 18, 2011)

Locke, NormanrnrnNorman waited longer than most to get married. Shortly before he retired from the Du Pont Repauno Plant he wed. His wait was rewarded with an entire package deal. He got the best bride, Verna Pidgeon Sharp, and daughters with grandchildren. The little ones took to their new Gramps at their first meeting and climbed on his lap. One even wet on him; another doused him with a hose. In return Norman built them the best ever swing set using his meticulous woodworking skills and took them to Townsends Inlet for vacation. His ever present smile was infectious. If he didn’t get you with his smile surely he would with his joke repertoire.rnIn his earlier years Norman served under General Patton and returned home from WWII on the Queen Elizabeth 1rnrnHe is survived by the family he married: his wife, Verna, Children: Donna Eichmann (Forrest) and Marilyn Sharp, Grandchildren: Kristen Baustert, Shannon Watson, Lauren Morgan, Kyle Cheeseman, Steven Eichmann, Ryan Cheeseman and 9 Great Grandchildren. rnrnCome celebrate Norman’s 88 contented years Friday from 9 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where the Service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Burial Eglington Cemetery.rnDonations to a favorite charity in lieu of flowers will be appreciated.rn

2 thoughts on “Norman Locke

  1. Lou Henderson

    When Norman and Verna first got together, she was working with me in the school as the health office secretary. I wish I could recall her specific quotes/stories about Norman—- but I do remember how she was VERY “taken” with this bachelor, who was a perfect gentleman with a sense of human— and she loved the way he treated her. They were the courting days; then came the married days, Verna’s feelings and love only intensified. When I would visit, it was obvious how they looked after and supported each other!–what a blessed marriage for both of them.rnrnIn the beginning of their relationship, Verna had concerns about how he would adjust to children and grand children (having been a bachelor)– well!- time surely erased all those concerns.rnrnVerna and families are in my prayers, but we know Norman was ready for his time here to end, and I’m grateful that in the end it came quickly. God blessed!rn

  2. Barbara DePalma

    My father, David Fogg, was very fond of both Norman and Verna. He always would include them when he told me about how his day had been at the car shows. Norman was a good friend to my dad and I am thankful for that. If my dad was here,he would have been very upset and would want Verna to know how sorry he was. I miss my dad and I know Norman will be missed, too. I will always think of Norman as the good friend he was.

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