Mary Terry

(Oct 25, 1944 to Aug 2, 2010)

She was her family’s anchor lady for Action News. While crocheting blankets for her family the TV was set to her soaps and Action News- she kept informed and passed the news on to her daughters. Mary enjoyed playing computer games especially on The highlight of each month was when she and her lady friends went to Maryland to play Bingo. It was a large prize and even though they never won they kept hoping. On the way home they’d stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner.rnMary’s life began in Bridgeport and she resided there for quite some time. But she also got to move around and spent time in South Carolina, Florida and Montana. In 1999 she settled with her daughter, Evelyn in Lindenwold.rnHer survivors include three daughters; Michele Short, Evelyn Martinez, and Wendy Taylor, a sister Jean Mondelli, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.rnCome celebrate 65 spunky years Thursday 6 to8 PM and Friday from 10AM at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro where the Service will be at 11 AM rn

18 thoughts on “Mary Terry

  1. Debby Williamson

    I was deeply saddened to read the passing of Mom. She was in my heart, even if I wouldn’t admitt it to myself. We had our ups and downs, as everyone knew. I want to send deepest sympathies to my sisters, Michele and Evelyn, and to all the family.

  2. jackie short

    grandmom, for as lonmg as i can remember youy have been there. going out of your way to help someone in the family or out. i have soo many beautiful memories that i have that will continue to strive as i grow . i rememer this one time we lived in south caralina and you had poohbear, billy the goat , and brittany and i and when ever i was watching t.v you would yell at me because it was beavus and butthead lol. that was the only show that i know of that you hated . i remeber watching leave it to beaver , green achers , the munsters , the andy griffin show , your soaps , and channel six action news . and i woould complain about the last two but i didn’t care because i was with you. you always put a smile on everyones faces. but now you are my gardian angle. And i will do my best to take care of the family . And on June 19, 2011 if it rains that day i know its you being a proud grandmother that you are. you’ll always be in my heart for many years to come. i love you <3

  3. Lisa Coulter

    Mom Terry was one of the sweetest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was so saddened by the phone call I received, finding out of her passing. I believe that she is finally in Heaven and having no more pain and suffering, she can now enjoy spending time with those who have left before her. I now know what it meant to be an angel on earth as well as in Heaven….this woman was one in the same. Mom you will be missed every second of every day that we are here without you. You have brightened so many lives, including my family’s. My children have always called you Mom- Mom because they always felt the love that radiated from you. I wish her peace and safety in the arms of her loving Father in Heaven and those that have been there waiting for her to return Home. My heart goes out to Evey,Mikayla, Baby Alex, Michele, Dan, Jackie and Brittany and to her extended family, may God’s presence bring you all closer in the remembrance of a loving woman and to celebrate the life she lived to the fullest.

  4. Diana Travaline

    Mom,how do I begin to say how much you will be missed?You were the foundation to this family and will be missed by us all!! everytime we had a picnic or party you and I would sit in the kitchen and cut veggies and talk and that meant the world to me.You treated me like I was one of your kids and to me you were my other Mom. I miss you already and my heart breaks to know that I will never see you again, but everytime I do stuff for pinics you will be there in spirit and in my heart. Mom I love you and miss you!!! you are with Aunt Janet and the love of your life! Thank you for

  5. sue

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. Your Mom was a great and sweet person even though I haven’t meant her in person i’ve talked to her on the phone. If you need to talk you can call me. We are all gonna miss her

  6. Patty Mikuletzky

    Dear Marys family,rn Im am so sorry to read about Marys death.. I knew Mary when she lived in Bridgeport, many years ago,my parents owned tyhe only store in town and we would see her alot. God bless her, and her family.rn Pat(Mikuletzky)Lisk

  7. Evelyn Willis

    I had written one yesterday but it isnt showing up on here so here goes again. mary you were one of the best friends I ever had. I will surely miss you. I just wish I had more time to be around you these last few months. And I regret that. I have so many fond memories of you. Some funny and some sad. They will always live in my heart. Especially when the tire flew off down in Baltimore. That was a close one. I will miss you and I will miss your emails. I know you are in heavan with all your loved ones now. I asked my brother to help watch over you up there also. You were always a good person who would do anything for anybody if you could. I love you Mary Terry and don’t you forgeet that ever. rnSadly, Your longtime friend, Evelyn Willis

  8. NancyFislerYarborough

    Saw the name in the paper and had to check it out,because I thought I reconized it. So sorry to read of Terrys’ death. It has been a long time since I even heard anything about her. You all have my deepest sympathy.rnNancy

  9. Evelyn

    Mom, I do not know what we will do without you. You were the glue that held us together. you fought a long hard battle, but now you can finally relax and enjoy a healthy eternal life with some of your friends and the love of your life. I miss you so much. You had grandchildren that love you so much and a great grandson that loves you also. Your spirit will be kept alive by us and them. Give everyone hugs and send my love and ask them to keep an eye on you until I see you again. I love you mom RIP

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