Mary Ella Roberts

(Dec 30, 1913 to May 31, 2009)

The Flamingos may have popularized the song “I only Have Eyes for You”, but Ella and her husband Charles lived it. From their first meeting at a family wedding, they knew they were destined to be together. They were married by the time she was 18, and for the next 60 years they danced every chance they got. If there was a square dance, they’d be there. Charles had built a dance floor in their backyard so they could cut a rug with the Triple Town Twirlers, The Leisuretown Squares and could teach the youngsters at the Delran Ding-A-Lings. When her own kids were old enough she went back to work. Fortunately for them it was at a toy factory, and the rejects were brought home. Always a song in her heart, she loved to play the piano and the organ. And the highlight of her week was watching Lawrence Welk and Larry Ferrari. Even in her later years, when she could no longer remember the words, she’d whistle the tunes of her favorite songs. A lifetime member of the Delanco Ladies’ Auxiliary, she could always be found marching in the Memorial Day Parades.rnElla is the wife of the late Charles, and mother of Ruth Esworthy, Irma Fithian, Charles H. Roberts, Jr., Judy Loveland and Nancy Grafton. Ella always had a magic touch with crying babies, which was fortunate since she had 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren. Ella is predeceased by her 2 grandsons.rn

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  1. Skip & Jean Loveland

    Remembering all the times our families would get together and square dance, no matter where it was. Dad was the caller and the entire Loveland, Roberts, Hackney, Powell, and whoever would be square dancing. We danced allot and during intermission, we ate allot. Aunt Ell would put on a spread that was fit for a king. We all didn’t have allot of money but where we were millionaires when it came to family values and love. It saddens me that Aunt Ell has past because she was the last of the original Loveland family as I knew it. As I can remember and after viewing the pictures, it seemed she had a wonderful and happy life being with her family of which I’m glad. It’s a sad time now but know she is in a better place now and probably enjoying being with Uncle Chaley and square dancing again. Fondest memories: Skip & Jean Loveland

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