Kyle A. Gregory

(Sep 16, 1990 to Feb 25, 2011)

With a four month stay in Tennessee, Kyle learned a few things about himself. First that after a few lessons he could beat his Dad , a long time player, at golf. Also that music would be his life’s work. From early teens he played the drum and guitar with his Logan Twp. buddies. But it was the jam session he sat in on in Tennessee that cemented his dreams of writing, composing, and producing songs. rnKyle made the Logan Little League All Star team. He could be counted on to hit one outta the park. He rooted for the Phillies, Eagles, and his parents favorite college team, Ohio State “buckeyes”. rnHis smile was like a thumbprint. It identified him along with his laugh.rnEven in death his generous nature gave life to many through organ donations . rnIn addition to his parents Christi and David survivors include a sister, Laura, maternal grandparents: James and Marlene Green and paternal grandparents: Allen and Anna Phyllis Gregory.rnCome celebrate 20 fun loving years Thursday from 6 to 8PM and Friday from 9AM at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro with a Service there at 10AM.rnDonations to the Ronald McDonald House of So. Jersey, 550 Mickle Blvd., Camden, NJ 08103 in memory of Kyle will be appreciated.

39 thoughts on “Kyle A. Gregory

  1. Roni Bills

    Kyle,nYou were such a quiet giant in so many ways. Your smile, laugh and big heart touched so many people, but especially my family. You have imprinted our hearts for a lifetime. I think what I loved most about you the was that you were a devoted son. We had so many conversations about how much you loved your parents and you truly appreciated the way they raised you. I have known you almost your entire life and YOU have given them more than they could have ever given you. You defined your parents and made them into the beautiful people they are. You have given them so many beautiful memories, and they are so happy to have had 20 years of you in their lives. If times were different and they had a crystal ball and could see the tragic outcome, they wouldn’t have changed one thing because you were their happiness and their soul. We will miss our Thanksgivings and Christmas dinners we shared with you but, you will be with us every time we sit down to eat. My children grew up with you and they were fortunate to have you in their lives. Through this tragedy you have taught everyone to live their lives with laughter and kindness. I promise to take care of your parents and always be here for them, no worry about that. Look down above and let them rest peacefully knowing that you are at peace and with them everyday. I for one, will miss you for all eternity, but I know we will meet again in this life or the next. I love you Kyle.

  2. Arianna D'Acqua

    Kyle, I’m so lucky to have someone so perfect and special in my life the time i laugh was priceless and irreplaceable…ur smile lightened up the whole room, and put a smile to everyones face, im glad i got to hold your hand and be there for you in the hardest time of your life. Kyle, you will forever and always be my angel. I can’t wait to be hanging out with you in a beautiful place, where there is nothing to worry about and everything is perfect. I cannot wait til we meet up again…somewhere far from here, but i just cannot wait. You inspired me as well as all of your friends so never hold back, and dont let anything bother you. You were the Hulk ky, you were unstoppable and just such a strong person. God only takes the best as angels and I know that you are looking down on us and wouldnt want us to feel hurt.Kyle, you have brought so many people together and taught us so much! Thank you for everything. I love you Kyle, always will. You are my best friend, my hero, and esp. my ANGEL ? I love you so much Kyle. ? rest easy Ky. ? p.s. cant wait to see you on the other side, and hear your laugh and see your smile! I love you Kyle!!! Love, Arianna

  3. Christopher Lindsey

    Kyle. Growing up with you and all of our logan buddies were the best times of my life; with us riding around on our bikes or playing jailbreak on the weekends and all of us playing together in baseball, basketball and football. It has been quite a pleasure to have grown up with you all of these years. Rest easy my good friend.

  4. Tyler Bills

    What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forgetnnI’ll never forget all of the good times we had shared together, Kyle. It seems that no matter how many times we would re-tell the story of when we had gone to the poconos together and I had thought your parents had left us, would never get old. nnKyle may be gone, but he has not left us. He lives today in the hearts of all people he had touched.nnWe will miss you, but you will never be forgotten. With love, alwaysn~Tyler

  5. Bethany DeSimone

    Kyle, when I heard the news I honestly couldn’t believe it, yet I couldn’t believe that it was another Kingsway Dragon. I’m so sorry this had to happen to you, I really am. You were such a caring and nice kid who was friends with everyone. Gone 20 years too soon…I’ll never get why God takes poor innocent people. I’ll never forget you bud. We never really talked, but we were friends with the same people in high school and we were always at the same parties all the time. You’re in Gods hands now…no more suffering. Everyone misses you so much and wishes you were still here. Look down on your family and friends and help them at this need in time kid. Heaven has gained another angel…hope the view up there is beautiful, xoxo.rnrnLove,rnBethany DeSimone <3

  6. Shannon Antonelli

    Kyle, a few of my fondest memories: every day after school i learned to expect the sound of your voice, letting yourself and Lawlor into my my house as if it was your own. i had the best times at my dads house with you guys. it’s like we created one big family of our own with everyone in logan. and then the east greenwich group joined us as we entered high school. The one thing you did that could always get a smile out of me is when you would constantly spin around by sliding your feet and popping up one of your heels kind of like micheal jackson. it was always funny to me. your laugh will always be imprinted in my brain. you and Lawlor were awesome little partners in crime that could get a laugh out of anyone. i missed you a lot when you moved away, like an important space in our group was missing. but when you came back it seemed like you never left. and now that feeling is back and im missing you all over again. you were a beloved friend. im so lucky to have shared so many fun memories with you throughout many years of my life. i love you kyle. rest easy.

  7. Don and Michelle Brauckmann

    Christi, Dave and Laura:rnOur hearts and prayers go out to you all. You are such beautiful people and we are so sorry this tragedy has happened to your family. Kyle was special and loving like all of you. He will be missed dearly by everyone that knows him.

  8. Ron and Antoinette Dick

    Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies at your temporary loss, but rejoicing in Heaven’s gain and another family member safely Home, life’s goal. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

  9. John and Lillian Jenkins

    It’s comforting to know that Kyle is in God’s hands.rnWe will all meet again when our turn comes.rnOur thoughts and prayers are with you.rnGod Bless the family.

  10. Jessica Smith

    I was not very close with Kyle. He was one of my classmates and he came to a few of my parties. He always stood out to me though. Kyle was always nice to me even if his friends weren’t. He always said hi to me and never disrespected me in any way. Kyle was one of the nicest boys I knew and his smile lit up the room. I may not have known him well but I knew he was a sweetheart and had a good head on his shoulders. It is a real tragedy that we lost him and I can’t imagine how his family and close friends feel. I cried when I found out God had taken him and my heart goes to his loved ones. Kyle and his family and friends will be in my prayers and I hope we can all get through this together.

  11. Ashley Valenti

    Gregory family, We are so sorry for your loss. Words can not describe how you must feel during this time. Our prayer are with you all and we will continue to pray for you. Jordan and Kyle were best friends. I never met anyone like Kyle. He had class. We enjoyed many dinners together and Kyle was a regular on our couch. He was always so kind and generous. Kyle was there for Jordan whenever he needed him. Their dream was to go to school together. I know Jordan wants to make Kyle and your family proud. We will make sure Jordan proceeds with their plans. God bless you and keep you in His peace.

  12. Mark DeFelice

    Kyle and I were so close. I used to sleep at his house every weekend through Logan School. We were best friends. We would go to the riteaid in logan and by toy guns and run around his house with them acting like they were real. We also used to set a basketball hoop on his door and put a trampoline next to it and have slam dunk contests. We made the best of our childhood and did so much and had so much fun together. I will never forget him. I love him so much and i am always going to miss him. I love you Kyle.

  13. Liz Hurst

    To Kyle’s Family- I can not express how sorry I am for your loss Kyle was a great kid and it has been an honor having such a wonderful person in my life for the past couple years. nTo Kyle- Kyyy you were such a great person to be around! in the few years we spent as friends we made some great memories! the part that makes me the most sad about you leaving us is that one of the last memories i have with you is when you were telling me about how you were planning to start taking some classes and loved working and living on your own.. it made me so happy that you were growing into such a strong independent adult. many people don’t realize their goals until their older, but you had goals and ambition. I hope you know that your desire to better yourself as a person has inspired me to be the best i can be, if not just for myself, for you as well. I will always carry you with me in my heart just like everyone else who had the pleasure of knowing you. i know this isn’t goodbye eventually i’ll see you again, but i just want you to know until that day comes i’m going to miss you dearly.

  14. Justine Rumaker

    I went to Logan and Kingsway with Kyle, I was so shocked when my dad had told me he had passed away. Kyle, you were such a nice person and you will surely be missed and always loved. My condolences to his whole family. You are in a better place now, it is just a shame it had to come so soon.

  15. Pam Lewis-Taylor

    I haven’t seen Kyle since he was a lil buckeye first entering the world and then toddlering his way around his daddy’s work place at J&J with his mommy close behind and sissy there to help. rnrnI saw Kyle’s last post on facebook and thought it so profound and telling of how quickly everything can change: rn”life’s a journey that goes round and round and the end is closest to the beginning so when its change you need relish the journey” rnrnI lost my daughter at age 18- so i made sure to ask her to find Kyle and show him around the new place. rnI’m sure Kelli was first in line to do so for cutie Kyle. They will probably decorate their wings in scarlet and grey all while doing amazing work in saving lives. rnrnI am so deeply crushed for your heartbreaking loss. rnsending much love & extra big hugsrnPam, Kelli’s mom

  16. Tony and Annette Corvi

    Dave, Christi, and LaurarnWe are so sorry to hear about Kyle. Our deepest sympathy and prayers are with you.rnrnWith lots of love to all of yournrnTony and Annette Corvi

  17. Naim Cephas

    Kyle my man yu was my child hood friend im really gonna miss you man i remeber me you and rufus you to hang out all the time play basketball all the time and im going miss you you are so kind u accpeted me for who i’am and never judge me you was one of the only people who did that when was growing up and i respect you to the fullest for that i wont be able to make it to your funeral because i live in florida man u are one of the most wonderful people in the world you are going to be missed man farrel. I know we didnt hang out as munch as we did when we was younger but everytime i did see you it like we never stop hanging out man thank you for being a good friend to me when was younger because i didnt have to many and thank you for letting me get to know you a wonderful person that i will never forget rip kyle i know you in heaven i one day hopefully i get to see you there one day

  18. Johnson & Johnson HCS Int'l Team

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Family,rnrnOn behalf of the entire J&J HCS Int’l team, we would like to send our deepest sympathy during this difficult time.rnrnWords can not express the sorrow and pain we feel for the loss of your son Kyle.rn rnWith our deepest sympathy,rnJohnson & Johnson HCS Int’l Teamrnrnrn

  19. John Apgar

    Kyle was so much more then a friend to me. We were as brothers. I spent alot of great times with the man and he also taught me more about life and the world then anyone possibly could. He truely was ahead of his time. He was my best friend and I will forever miss him. I know your looking down on us watching over us bro, and I want you to know from the bottem of my heart that I love you and how much you’ve impacted my life. You were always there for me. And I’ll always be there for you. Your legacy will live on forever. You were a rare breed kyle, the kind that you only come across in life maybe once or sometimes not at all. I’m glad I had the pleasure of being as close as I was to you brother. “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget…” Love and miss you more then words can describe. Rest easy my brother. – Johnny

  20. Beckie Whedon

    To Mr & Mrs Gregory and Laura- words can not express the sorrow surrounding kyle’s passing. As you all and I both know, kyle was an amazing person that positively affected everyone around him. I just like to take this second though to recognize how amazing all of you are. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to know and love you and your family. You took me in, you fed me, you gave me a place to sleep, you made me feel over the years as if your home was my home. And for that, I will be forever grateful. I love you all.nTo Ky-nKy where do I even begin? You were everything to me from the moment I met you at logan day freshman year. We started off as friends, grew to best friends and then so much more. You were my first love ky, truly, and no one will ever replace you in my heart. Though we had our disagreements (we’re both stubborn as all hell), I would never take back a single second I spent with you. You treated me well no matter what, and I can only hope you know how much love and appreciation I have for you. Throughout our relationship I like to think that we learned more from each other and grew more as people than one could ever imagine possible. You were an incredibly enlightened person Ky, and the wisdom you imparted on others will keep your memory alive forever. I could never pick a single favorite memory I had with you Ky, because honestly I loved every single one. The day you came back this past summer I have never been so overjoyed to see someone in my life. You’re a familiar face, and I can’t wait for the day when we meet again; I am sure I will feel that joy and so much more. I miss your laugh Ky, I miss your smile, I miss your jokes, and most of all I just miss you. I know you’re in a better place Ky, and I hope you’re saving a spot up there for all of us. Love you more than you could ever know – Beckie

  21. Jonathan Jones

    To Mr & Mrs Gregory- Im really sorry for the lost of Kyle. He was and still is a great friend he will always be here in our hearts forever. Its extremely hard to believe that he’s gone but he really isnt. I know he up there looking down on everybody.If there was a way i wish we could get a big ladder climb and bring him back down with us forever. Again iam really sorry to hear he has passed. Rest easy bro

  22. rosemary Grogan

    I can tell you the memory I have of Kyle is the time he wore that orange tux to the dance. Trust me no ever could pull that off but Kyle. You will surely be missed!!!!!!

  23. Anita Lantz

    To my dear friends Phyllis and Alan, and to Kyle’s parents and children:rn I am deeply sorry for your loss. As one who has lost a son at a young age, I know your pain. God, our Comforter, only knows the depth of our pain. He will be with you,as He was with me, through it all and in His time, Jesus will help you, as He did me, to move on from pain and grief to a place of only rejoicing that God gave you this precious son for just a little while here–but for forever in eternity.rnMost sincerely,rnAnita

  24. Julie Kollstedt

    My heart breaks for you David, Kyle was a wonderful person. I’m so sorry for your loss. I love you very much and pray for your family every day. May god give you all the peace that surpasses all understanding. – Julie

  25. Mike Kogut

    I remember running around the neighborhood causing fun trouble like it was yesterday. Growing up with you was a great pleasure and you will be missed dearly. R.I.P. Kyle You will never be forgotten.nKogut

  26. Donna & Terry Pratt

    Kyle what can we say? You will surely be missed by all. We will never forget the time you stayed with us. You, TJ and Derek never slept! All the good times you kids had growing up. Watching you grow into a young man. We know you be watching over us always. rnrnChristi and Dave-Loved you guys from the start(Holiday Inn!) Our hearts go out you. Kyle was a wonderful person and a great friend to all. We will be here always!!!rnrnLove Donna & Terry

  27. Marie Hendrix

    Mr&Mrs Gregory, I was so sorry to hear of Kyle’s passing. He was such a nice young man. I remember how he always was smiling. He had a pleasant personality.I really enjoyed having him in my class. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Sincerely, Marie Hendrix,5th Grade Teacher,Logan Township

  28. Teresa Aitken

    May God Bless Kyle and his loving family. May all of you be blessed with laughter and fond memories of years that have passed. Never forget! And God bless the lucky ones that were fortunate enough to be given an organ of such a special person.

  29. Ryan Cogossi

    Mr & Mrs Gregory I feel so bad about what happened to Kyle. Kyle was one of the best. As a friend he never judged me We had alot of great times Will come to see you both when I can Take care of yourselves

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