John E Sparks

(Nov 6, 1910 to Dec 5, 2008)

rnHe regaled family and friends with nearly a century worth of stories: memories of his childhood schoolhouse, life in Sharptown during the 20’s, seeing his first car and his first trip to New York City. Modern technologies we take for granted astounded him: he was amazed when his niece needed to make a call and pulled a cell phone from her pocket. He had a great memory up until the end. Although he had trouble remembering people, the “little one’s” names always came easily. He was a creature of habit: his daily coffee was served in the same cup (it was a gift for 35 years of service at Dupont), for lunch he enjoyed the same liverwurst and onion sandwich and would wash it down with a bowl of ice cream. He loved to listen to the day’s news on KYW. His country roots shown through: he was the cook at his deer hunting camp and fished the Delaware Bay. Memories of the depression were long lasting: he could tell you down to the penny the exact amounts in his bank accounts and dried his clothes on the line. Most of all he was humble, hardworking and loyal.rnHe was husband of the late Ella and is survived by his three sons: Richard, Robert and Lawrence; three brothers: Edgar, James and Preston; a sister, Hilda Ernest; seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.rnFamily celebrated 98 great years in a private service at Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro. Tell us a great story about John at

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  1. Terri Feldman Sabatini

    I have many good memories of Mr.and Mrs.Sparks. My grand parents lived next to them for years. I grew up always seeing them. Later when I brought my grandparents house and lived next to them myself. Mr. Sparks was always bring me grapes and talking over the fence. When I had no luck drying the walnuts from the tree in my backyard he taught me how to do it. There are too many memories for me to write here. He will be be missed.

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