Joan – Bohsen

(Oct 15, 1921 to Jan 30, 2011)

Three things that Joan loved…her late husband Vic, teaching second graders and her South Harrison neighbors. Her home was her castle. And although it was designed by her and Vic it was never complete unless she had it filled with friends. People came for dinner, but usually stayed for the lively political banter. She loved to discuss current events, but left, right or center, at the end of the day you were still her friend. And when those closest to her had a special occasion, Joan could be counted on to write a poem or song. Her love of community yielded a reciprocal response. In her later years, neighbors, the police and even the Police Chief himself often stopped to check up on her, or have a cup of tea. Her love of teaching didn’t stop when she retired from the Swedesboro-Woolwich School District. She participated in the Read Across America Program and volunteered at the South Harrison School. Tennis was integral in her life so much so that she was instrumental in getting tennis courts built in So. Harrison. rn Joan was the wife of the late Victor. She is survived by her sister Marcia Hill of FL, and many nieces and nephews. rn Come celebrate her 89 educational years Sunday from 1pm at the Daley Life Celebration Studio, Swedesboro, where the service will be at 3pm. All of her previous second grade students are requested to attend. Burial private at Lake Park Cemetery. Donations to South Harrison Alliance Education for Excellence (SHAEE) PO Box 155 Harrisonville, NJ 08039 will be appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Joan – Bohsen

  1. Carolyn Franca

    I will dearly miss my Aunt Joan and my yearly visits to beautiful Mullica Hill with my Mom, her sister. Family stories at the kitchen table that Vic made and all the beautiful memories surrounding us. She will live on in my heart.

  2. Marcia Hill

    There is something so special about sisters(our sister Betsy died a few years ago). We grew up in a happy home. Our parents who had met playing tennis, had us playing as soon as we could hold a racket.We all loved it, and continued playing all of our lives. And there were many a bridge game, as it was the card game played in our home. So many happy memories; memories I cannot share with Joan anymore of our lives, activities and accomplishments. rnJoan’s devotion to Vic and the mny years she cared for him with his MS illness was admirable. They were meant for each other.rnI tried so much to have her move to Florida near me as the years went on but to no avail. She liked to visit but wanted to stay in her home in Mullica Hill that she loved.rnI will miss my dear sister Joan the rest of my life. She has my love with her.

  3. Nancy Enick

    I have know Mrs. Bohsen since I was just a baby…..My sister and i loved to go to their house….they always had good stories and stuff to show us….we loved going to the neighborhood bbqs at their house. We lived just down the road from them. She and I both loved to sew and she taught me a few tricks. She was so dedicated to the school….she and I served on SHAEE together. She will be missed

  4. George Haupin

    Joan Bohsen’s late husband and my mom were distant cousins and about sixteen years ago, I contacted Joan to ask if I could come visit her and maybe find out some family information. She urged me to come on ahead, and when I arrived on her doorstep, her first words to me were “You sure look like a Bohsen!” I ended up spending several hours with Joan that afternoon, and she truly made me feel like I was close family. She’d baked me brownies and served me iced tea, and together, we perused the family photo albums. And before I left that day, she entertained me by playing her organ and singing me some songs. What a wonderful lady! Since that day, we’ve exchanged Christmas cards each year, but I feel very sad that I never made it up to Mullica Hill to visit with her again. In my mind’s eye, I will always picture her as I saw her that day…sitting at her organ, playing music and singing for a stranger.

  5. Betsy and Howard Schechter

    We’ll miss Aunt Joan and visiting her in her beloved Mullica Hill. She always made us feel welcome and we enjoyed her lively conversation and stories. No matter where we went there was always someone who knew her! Usually a former student. We pray you and Uncle Vic are now together in peace and light. Love, Betsy and Howard Schechter

  6. Joanne and Larry Molter

    We will miss you Aunt Joan, and seeing you greet us in the breezeway of your warm and friendly home. Many stories and birds were heard and shared whenever we gathered at Woodlane on Franklinville Road. Uncle Vic and Aunt Joan are in our hearts, and whenever a “chick-a-dee-dee” is heard, or a beautiful bird flutters by, we will be remembering their love for each other, and for their “Woodlane”. Love, Joanne and Larry Molter

  7. George and Margie Hill

    How wonderful to see the snapshots of Aunt Joan at different ages. You can see she is photogenic and those later photos convey all my memories of her, engaging, smiling, stylish, beautiful, the striking family resemblances that I am lucky enough to be part of. Joan was kind and practical in bequeathing me some of Uncle Vic’s clothes that I still wear — 50 pairs of dress socks, 2 pairs of casual shoes, my best winter coat, and a bright red heavy wool ski mask. Now every time I put them on, (and I have put the winter things on quite a lot this year) I feel joy in the thought of Joan being released and spiritually reunited with Uncle Vic, as the saints come marching in.

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