Grace Mary Casella

(Apr 10, 1919 to Jul 25, 2009)

Obituary for Grace Mary CasellarnrnrnGrace did more than care for her kids and grandkids: she built memories around them. She engaged all of their hobbies from sporting events to micro-mini sprint car races and was constantly picking up the phone to check on them. She even managed a little league team in her husband’s absence. Her kitchen was were she gathered her clan for Sunday dinners. The menu featured her infamous coconut cake and anything her men shot, especially rabbit, squirrels and deer. She always knew the 76ers and Eagles’ scores and got a kick out of animated toys. If you scratched her back, she‘d scratch yours, literally, though her technique would be much better. rnSurvived by children: Samuel (Rosemary), Alfio (Carol), and Mary Ann Dale (Steve), 9 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild. Grace was pre-deceased by husband, Salvatore and daughter, Joan Creamer.rnCome celebrate 90 family centered years Wdenesday 8:30 to 9:45 a.m. at Daley Life Celebration Studio, 1518 Kings Hwy., Swedesboro where there will be a service at 10:00. Burial Eglington Cemetery.rn

4 thoughts on “Grace Mary Casella

  1. Shannon Dale

    As Grace Lies rnBy Shannon DalernMost of my memories of Mom Mom are from earlier years. rnUnfortunately as I became a mother myself, I spent less time with her.rnBut the memories I do have will forever be embedded in my heart.rnCertain foods, cars, pets, and habits all come to mind.rnAs a child she would fix us sectioned oranges with sugar spinkled on top.rnShe faithfully had strawberry shortcake for me & Bret, for the birthdays we spent here in New Jersey.rnShe always found time to pick us up and bring us to the shore.rnWe?d sit in the back of the Topaz instigating each other.rnBoy was she patient!rnI can hear her voice beckoning Ling to come in from outside, or to come eat.rnI?ll never forget the unique smell of her room.rnMaybe a combination of moth balls and perfume, I?m not sure.rnShe?d call out a list of all us grandkids before she?d get to yours.rn(Which I do now, with my own children. LOL)rnWedding receptions that she would notoriously injure herself from dancing a little too hard!rnCouldn?t help but LOVE the free spirit of Grace.rnHer willingness to cook AND clean,rnEven though most times silverware and plates had to be rewashed!rnIt is the thought that counts. LOLrnWhether she was glued to the Macy?s Day Parade, or baking in the kitchen,rnshe provided honesty, comfort and much joy to all our lives.rnMom Mom, may you rest now.You will be missed greatly and remembered forever.rn

  2. Deb Price

    I did not spend a lot of time with grandmom but what time I did spend left very found memories. She always wanted to feed you, even if you had just eaten. Loved that coconut cake. Greg, Josh and I always visited on Halloween. She absolutely loved the holidays being with her grandchildren. We will miss you grandmom! You have found your restful place.

  3. lisa casella

    I know you are dancing with the angels now but Jared,Sydney and myself will miss you terribly!You were our nucleus of our family. I could always count on updates and tons of pics from the family even if they were hrs away. You gave me such great memories and for that I’m soooo thankful! Also being a great cook and mixologist!! Love You!

  4. Dawn Rademan

    Mom-mom, I will miss you and all the family news and stories you would tell. Thank you for the special, fun times with the family that you made sure we all had. And for teaching me how to cook so many tasty things. And last thanks for all the love and support no matter what. Tell mom I love and miss her too.

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