Charlotte E. Merrill

(May 14, 1930 to Nov 15, 2009)

Perhaps no truer words can be spoken of Charlotte that those of Einstein, “only a life lived for others is worth living.” Those around her always came first. As the mother of three boys, she often served as the neighborhood nurse to Riverside when play resulted in injury. When blessed with grandchildren, there was no limit to her generosity. She’d gladly give her last dime to them rather than keep it for herself. When, in her later years, travel became harder, it did not stop her from continuously traveling to see the grandkids in PA. Even when she had taken ill, she still insisted on folding clothes and taking care of the house. rn Charlotte is the wife of the late Lester “Bud” Merrill, and is survived by Jeffrey W and Jill Merrill of Hatboro, PA, Barry and Sherry Merrill of Beverly, and Karen and John Wolf of Dennisville, NJ and is the mother of the late Paul E. Merrill, Sr., as well as her grandchildren: Jeffrey “JJ”, Ryan, Scott, Barry S. Jr., Travis V., Paul E. Jr., and Michael and John “Jack” Andrews.rn Charlotte’s burial at Beverly National Cemetery was held privately. Arrangements by Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside. rn

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