Carl S Ferguson

(May 28, 1979 to Feb 13, 2012)

“Life is either a grand adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller. There was never a time for Carl when he did not find the adventures to be had. He was afraid of heights, yet excelled at a job that entailed scaling 200 foot radio towers. Taking a dip on a hot day literally involved swimming all the way across the Delaware River. He found the thrilling side of fishing; given, he always seemed to be the one to catch the largest fish. But all of this paled in comparison to time spent with his daughters. When they went crabbing he would “accidently” let the crustaceans bite him just to get them to laugh, at home he was always ready to challenge them to a board game, sit and make beaded necklaces with them or simply chase them around the house. rn Carl is survived by his daughters: Sage and Samantha Ferguson, his beloved best friend Jesse Klein of Delanco, his mother Nan Unley (Dave) of Tuckerton Beach, his sisters: Elisabeth Unley of Riverside and Maggie Ferguson of Tuckerton and his brother Michael Unley of Medford. He is also survived by his maternal grandmother Lois “Gran” Masters of Tuckerton, many aunts and uncles, his nieces: Jordan Rae, Gracia and Charlena and his dogs Ruby and Rosie.rn Come celebrate Carl’s 32 wonderful years (May 28, 1979-Feb. 13, 2012) Friday from 3 PM at the Sweeney Funeral Home, 337 Bridgeboro St. Riverside, NJ 08075, where the service will be at 5PM. Interment private. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made for his daughter’s education through the funeral home’s address. rn

23 thoughts on “Carl S Ferguson

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kurtz

    Nan, Maggie, Gran and the entire family words cannot express how sorry we are to hear of your loss. Carl was a great kid and became a great man. He will be missed by all. May God Bless you all at this time and always. He will be running up in heaven waiting for Gran to throw change out the car window at all of our children at the corner of Jefferson Street.

  2. Amanda Laning

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this diffucult time. Carl was such a great guy! He had this quality about him that would just touch people’s hearts almost immediately. He also had the most amazing laugh i have ever heard. His laugh alone would make everyone smile and crack up. even though at times we were never really even sure what he was even laughing about, but we all laughed right along with him. No doubt in my mind that Everyone who knew him, loved him and we will all missed him greatly.

  3. Eddie Mourey

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this diffucult time. Carl was such a great guy! He had this quality about him that would just touch people’s hearts almost immediately. He also had the most amazing laugh i have ever heard. His laugh alone would make everyone smile and crack up. even though at times we were never really even sure what he was even laughing about, but we all laughed right along with him. No doubt in my mind that Everyone who knew him, loved him and we will all missed him greatly.

  4. Linda Marter

    My thoughts and prayers are with the whole family I haven’t seen Carl in alot of years he was a good friend to my boys I used to watch him play ball years ago Nan I am so so sorry for your loss I haven’t seen you since you moved but I thought about you often my heart goes out to you He surely will be missed

  5. Marianne Previch

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Carl was a wonderfil guy and a loving father. Whenever I ran into Carl he always spoke about his beautiful daughters. He always made me laugh and had a great sense of humor. He will be missed but never forgotten.

  6. Aunt Jill

    Darn it Carl; Why? I guess you now will see Shaun and Hank; but; I would rather you be here. I Love you and; I will miss you VERY MUCH. See you in Heaven budy. Lot’s of Love… Aunt Jill P.S. Thankx; I am now driving and I Love it!

  7. Mommy

    My baby boy! My now grown man! I love you very much! I will see you again someday! I will never say good bye! Sage and Sammy will give me all my strength and carry on your love and life! My heart aches but that will heal in the future. Today I will see you again and enjoy every second of it as I celebrate your life! Sage and Sammy will be guided and loved by us! I miss you dearly and love you bunches and will never forget you and that smile and red hair! Love you, miss you! Love, Mommy

  8. jessica

    Dear Carl,nLove of my life, father of our children, best friend, one who new me best. Give me strength and guide me in our lifes adventures. I already feel your strength and noone will ever beat us again…actually we were never beaten.We do what we want and who cares.You taught me to accept the almost unacceptable, and not to feel sorry for myself. Failure is no longer an option..thank you for that. I will miss lippy and your red hair but you carry on in Sage and Sammy so strongly that you’re there. To my teammate, I shall carry on what we created, a beautiful family. I will continue to protect you and we shall continue to speak when not even spoken to. Everything will be fine carl, you get to forget all your worries and trust in supermomminess! I will do my best in telling them the truths about life and call upon you for major educational decisions, as will our children. Theyre smarter than me remember?! I still need you bud and i love you run through our veins. No good byes my dear friend and mate… and quit making fun of me roller blading last night! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxxooxoxoxoxox

  9. Eileen Mason

    Nan, Lois, Maggie and all of Carl’s family and friends. I was so saddened to hear about Carl’s passing. I recently had a total hip replacement and am not able to attend the viewing and service, but please know that you are all in my prayers. God bless his precious daughters – I know that they will not lack for support from all of you.nLove and prayers,nEileen Mason

  10. Diane Pulli Berryman

    When I think of Carl, the first thought that comes to mind, is the week that my best friend Nan spent with me in Wildwood right before I was going to live in Japan. Carl was only a few weeks old and what a beautiful little boy he was…with his red hair and deep brown eyes. I will never forget that memory. My children grew up going to Carl and Maggie’s birthday parties and various other ones. So many wonderful memories….he was a wonderful, caring, gentle soul who also was a great Dad to his very special daughters. Remember him, keep his memory alive…talk about all the funny things he did and let that smile come…for I know he is gone, but his spirit lives on in each one of us. He is a very special angel watching over his family and keeping them safe. Love, Diane, Bryan and Heather

  11. Mike Avery

    Carl where do I begin . We grew up together. I will never forget u and the good times we had. I like to remember our child hood memories when we were young an innocent. From us going to each others campers,fishing,baseball u name it we did it. I’m really going to miss u. U never think about when or if your gonna lose someone close to u. Until it happens.I wish we would of stayed close.u were and always will be one of my friends and the world has lost a real good prayers and thoughts go out to your sister your brother an your girls, I will definetly let them know how good of a person and father u were. An especially ur mom god bless u. U were and r a great mom. I know first hand .my prayers r with you and if u need anything please do not hesitate. Once again my prayers r with u and your family. GOD BLESS. One more thing the delaware river swim I will never forget…… mike avery

  12. gary & loisann

    Carl we will miss you deeply will always remember you from cocoa beach to our family vacations ,to arguing with you while working at Grans in Tuckerton. My thoughts are with you , your mother, maggie and your sweet little girls. I know we have a strong family that will get us through these hard times.n Gary & Loisann

  13. Stacie

    Carl Sefton Ferguson, where do i begin.. i can not believe im being faced with saying my last goodbyes to you today. we have sooooo much unfinished business this is just not fair. I love you with all my heart bud and you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. There are soooo many things that will remind me of you everyday.. Everytime dish network calls me, not only will i be furious with them, but i will think of you and how you tried to handle that situation a million times over the past couple years. Whats keeping me the strongest during this time is looking back at all of our pictures and the stories they tell.. There was never a dull moment with you, NEVER, and i loved you for that. From this point on, I will look back at all the times we shared and try to see the positive in them. You taught me a lot over the years, weather i would admit it to u or not. You were a pretty sucky anatomy tutor, but you had all the real life lessons down. I will prob never eat chinese food again because of your stories, and when i give birth one day, well u know what ill be thinking about,, theres soo many inside jokes and stories that you will live on forever in my heart. I love you sooooooo much carl sefton ferguson and i will never forget you. its not goodbye, its see ya later.. ill see you later bud. love you.

  14. Tiffany Kurtz

    Time has passed and life has changed for all of us through the years, but nothing will ever change the fact that we spent a great deal of our childhood together. I sit and just think about all the memories. I dont think a day passed that we didn’t do something on Jefferson Street. From Dough fights in the basement to running to the corner to beat Gran so we could fight each other for the loose change she threw out the window for us. I cherish the moments. We lost touch in life but I never lost touch with the memories of me, you, Maggie, and Danny. It is an honor to say that I got to grow up with you. May god bless your entire family. You were a great person with a smile that I will never forget. Miss you and love you! Tiffany

  15. Heather Trout

    I didn’t know Carl as lifelong or close as many of my friends, and am heavy hearted and sad to hear another young angel heading above. Carl would bust chops to the fullest and in the next breathe turn sweet and blushing when we talked about him being a dad and his girls. My heartfelt sympathy to all his family and friends. My funniest moment at Carls was a force feeding of pepperoni that made us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt and we were in tears..there were other good times, and he always had a nice smile and that’s what image I will carry in my heart when I hear his name. God Bless and deepest sympathy.

  16. mommy

    The sun is coming up at the end of the lagoon where you caught that monster weakie, the perfect time to set sail your flounder and pole! If you look down you funny angel it’s passing grans right now! We will go out this summer and hope it attracts many large flounders for the girls to catch, and I will continue to try and teach you how to fillet!, bet Sagey will learn first!!! Today is a beautiful day, think of you all the time, miss you, love you bunches!!!!!

  17. Mommy

    My little boy forever! I am in Clearwater at the Phillies spring training, I’m remembering all the great times we had @ the games when we had season tickets when you were 4, 5 and 6 and celebrating your 5th birthday! You would always call the games and the older men would just laugh. And then you grew up and used my season tickets with you friends. Really miss those times! Now Sage and Sammy go with me and they love it! I miss you every day and love you with all my heart! Oh yea, the girls gave me their shopping list now like you always did and the names of the autographs they wanted, imagine that ! I love you and will always miss you! Love, Mommy

  18. Mommy

    Carl my little boy! I know your at peace. It is still very hard for me, I keep trying to be strong but it isn’t very easy! I really need you now that our house was destroyed in Sandy. I could use your help with demolition I know you would be good! I hear your voice and see your smile and hear your laugh, just wish every day I could see you!!! I love you xoxo. The girls miss you dearly, but doing well! A year gone by! Still hard to believe! Be at peace. Love bunches mommy

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