Abe – Farkas

(May 27, 1952 to Jan 9, 2009)

rnEinstein once said “only a life lived for others is worth living.” Pictures of his Chester “route kids” peppered the inside of his grocery store on wheels, Abe’s Food Express. Any improvements in their grades guaranteed a treat. Perhaps this was because as a 16 year old emigrant from Czechoslovakia he knew what it was like to struggle. He’d overcome the language barrier and make his way to Wharton. After High School he’d serve two tours in the Navy off the coast of Vietnam and then give years to the Peace Corps in Chile, where he and his wife became the first couple to have a baby. This made son, Joshua, the youngest ever Peace Corps volunteer. A year later when they left Chile to travel South America they did so with two children: Joshua and Rheena. It’s no wonder that his children carry on his humanitarian spirit. Abe engaged in a bevy of careers ranging from police officer to owner of several 7-11s. Throughout his life he made caring for those less fortunate job one. A stray dog could do no better than cross his path. He nursed more than his fair share back to health: 6 in a single week one time.rnrnA young Irish rose named Maureen saw Abe entertaining a crowd by tight rope walking a clothes line at a party. They’d marry and drink from the same glass (often literally) for 36 years. They had the privilege of raising their four children: Joshua, Rheena, Nate and Lori. He was also fortunate enough to have a daughter-in-law, Holly, and to see their three month old baby, Lincoln. He is also survived by his mother, Frida, his other mother (in-law), Nancy Beail-Hannah, his older sister, Helen, younger sister, Deborah and baby brother, Alex.rnrnCome in your everyday clothes and remember Abe with us Wednesday 6-8 pm at Daley Life Celebration Studio, 1518 Kings Highway, Swedesboro.rnrnDonation in lieu of flowers to Brandywine Peace Community, PO Box 81, Swarthmore, PA 19081 will be appreciated.rnrn

25 thoughts on “Abe – Farkas

  1. Julie Moore

    I feel so very sad for what this world has lost with Abe’s passing. All I can say is way to go Abe for showing us all what the meaning of “a truly good man” is. The world was a way brighter place for so many due to you and your family. I feel blessed I got to know you. Thanks!

  2. jules dubois

    Dear Maureen,Josh, Rheena, Nate and Laurie,rnWe were so sorry to learn the decease of Ab, and would like you to know that our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.On friday 02 Jan in Belgium,we have spoken relating to all of youwith Aliza.On behalf of Monique, Joelle, Nicolas and children, allow me to convey our condolences to you and your entire familyrnJules

  3. Joan Kaiser Lasus

    Dear Deborah and family,rn Although I only met Abe once, he seemed to be a very special man. I’ve learned more about him since his terrible death and I can see that I am not alone in this feeling. It was very clear that Abe was a giver. A giver in his life as a husband, father, grandfather, as a police officer, a Peace Corp volunteer, a caretaker for sick pets, and a giver to the community he cherished in Chester. May his memory be a blessing to you always.rnJoan and Marty Lasus

  4. Helen Steel

    I am Trevor’s mom and I just want to tell your family how sorry I am about your terrible loss. Your husband and father sound like he was a wonderful man. You were fortunate to have had him in your life.

  5. Deb Thomasson

    Dear Josh and family – my heart is with you as you celebrate the life of your wonderful father Abe. What a special man he was. I knew you were so proud of him when you told me about him and shared his picture for our troop event. I was so impressed with everything you told me about him – overcoming so much and living life so large! Someone so special can never be forgotten. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead. My heart is with you all. ~Deb Thomasson

  6. Heidi D Lewis

    Maureen, Josh, Rheena, Nate and Lori. I have only met Abe twice, but feel like I have known him my entire life. His giving spirit is an inspiration to us all and Josh continues to carry that torch here at Dynegy. May the memories that you hold bring comfort and peace to you in this time of sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  7. Kimberly Decuir

    Josh,rnMy thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this most tragic of times. Just by reading about your father’s life, the communities he served and the time he shared with your mom, shows what a warm, loving and caring person he was! He will be missed by many!rn

  8. Kevin Vosper

    Abe was one of the most beautiful and selfless people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He will be sorely missed as he was admired, respected, and loved by many. My thoughts and heart go to his family. May he rest in the same peaceful way that he lived.

  9. Shelly Buchman

    Dear Josh and Family,rnThere are no words to describe how sorry we are for your tremendous loss. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting your father, he seemed to have touched the lives of so many in his short lifetime. rnrnOur hearts go out to you and your family. rn

  10. Melissa & Zach Rizzuto

    Josh and family: Although I did not your father personally, I do believe that children are often a reflection of their parents. It is quite clear to me after reading about your father that your kindness, compassion, and sincere generosity are qualities you learned at an early age from both of your parents – as Lincoln will from you. My thoughts are with you all during this difficult time.

  11. Gail Skalish

    Abe will be fondly remembered here in Glenolden.I was one of his regular A.M customers who he came to nick name “Stormy”.I came to know his life story as he tried to figure out mine plying me with day old free pretzels and a free turkey he said I won in a store contest that I don’t remember entering. Maybe I looked needy but I always felt welcomed.rnrnThe last time I saw Abe he stopped in where I was working in the mall and I was too busy to chat and it was just a quick hello. I wish I could turn back time and see that wonderful man again. I always thought our paths would cross again but sadly that was the last time I saw him.rnMay God Bless you Abe and my heart goes out to Maureen and the family. It was a pleasure to know you!!rnrnLove, Gail

  12. The Reisenweaver Family

    Dear Maureen,Josh Reena,Nate&Lori, Our hearts are breaking for you all, as we know the pain all to well of losing someone so close to you!I know God received Abe with open arms and thanked him for doing God’s work on earth. I want to thank you all for sharing Abe with us all and supporting us when Mike died. I know Mike and Abe have reunited in heaven. If there is anything we can do please let us know,our prayers are with you today and every day to come. Nate you will always hold a special place in our hearts,Love is Forever and you’ll alway’s be able to feel your Dad’s love around you.rn Sincerlyrn The Reisenweaver Familyrn

  13. Frank & Mickey Rizzuto

    To Abe’s family:rnWe are so sorry for your loss. What a mark Abe was on the world around him! We had heard nothing but good things about him for several years. In ourrnrelationship with Josh we still see that. He’s a special young man who is a tribute to his Dad, as we are sure all of you are. He will live on through his children. You are blessed with many wonderful memories. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this time. Love you Josh, Grammy & Poppy

  14. joanne & ayesha stewart

    may god bless your family,as mr abe bless the people of chester. rnrnsorrowful rn the stewart family

  15. Donna Fernandez

    Josh -rnI am so sorry to hear of your loss. I would like to extend the best to you and your family during your time of loss. After reading the articles and information on your dad, he was a wonderful man who will be truly missed by all; especially his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  16. Amy Pettyjohn-Ferris

    To the Farkas Family- I was so sad to hear the news about Abe. We had some good times when my mom worked at “The Sev”…it was so nice of him to let us all hang out there so much, it was like he hired the whole Pettyjohn Family. rnI was just recently talking about the weekend that us PJ kids stayed with you guys, and we watched The Neverending Story and were picking out names for the baby on the way (Nate)….I have some very fond memories of my childhood during those times.rnMy heart and prayers are with all of you. Thank you for sharing this picture montage as well, it was so nice to see some pictures of your family. rnSincerely,rnAmy Pettyjohn- Ferris

  17. Elaine Rodriguez

    Dear Josh and family, rnrnI find myself profoundly saddened by the tragic loss of such a lovely man taken so suddenly from your lives. While having never met your dad, it?s very apparent that he lived a full life and that he loved his family and others very much. The light he brought to this world will serve as an inspiration to those whose lives he touched, and we should all be inspired by his example of giving. You will always have him near you because he will forever be in your heart. I am truly sorry for your loss and hope you and your family feel the love and warmth of those who mourn with you.rn

  18. John Campbell

    January 14, 2009 rn I met and came to know Abe when his wife, Maureen and mother-in-law, Nancy Hannah were cast members in the play, They Were Ours, performed in September, 2005. Abe immediately pitched in with equipment set-up and tear down…and anything else he saw that needed to be done. I had already recognized that Maureen and Nancy were truly special and loving people and very important in the production of the play. But when Abe showed up, he added a vitality and a ‘can do’ attitude that is so rare these days. I will forever consider myself blessed to have met him and regret that I didn’t get to know him more deeply. To Maureen, Nancy and the rest of Abe’s family and friends, his life will always matter and his memory will always enhance and inspire our lives. rn John Campbell (Glassboro, NJ) rn rn

  19. Mindy Hurr and Anderson Lee

    Dear Josh,nnWe were so very sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. It sounds like he was an amazing and generous person, and the world is worse off without him in it. You, Holly, and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.nnMindy and Anderson

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